discarded roll #1

october 29 2020

shot during the night in a dark room with a camera flash, the subject wears a bland neutral colored shirt. guided by the lyrics to "here comes the night time" by arcade fire as a score, and trying to listen to their entire discography in one go. the subject dances for the camera, as the camera watches the entire scene take place but only chose to show snippets of the night. the camera, thus, acts as a second performer to edit the content as it sees fit regardless of the first performers actions.

the images were taken by a camera in the opposite corner of the room using an intervalometer shooting every three minutes. every shot it took is included, as the subject was unaware of when the camera would strike and thus had no time to find a proper pose. the end shots are displayed as one, each cut to a square and placed instantly next to the one after it. the result comes out looking something like a failed camera roll, shots never used for a profile pic, an instagram profile for the viewer to scroll past and move on. does the viewer concentrate on a single image in the group, a select few, or do they look at them all as one? how quickly does the grid fall through the brain?

if the viewer tries to do the math, they will realize that there are not enough images present for the amount of hours in arcade fire's discography. this is what happens when one dances with beer in the belly.