concrete hill

2019, rancho mission canyon (east) open space park
triple channel video with performance

in one channel (roll) the subject rolls up a cement hill lined with greenery. the subject rolls closer to the camera, with the camera in a fixed position. in another channel (swarm) the same subject is surrounded by a swarm of bees and as they eventually pass, the viewer sees what could be the top of the hill which the subject fails to reach. the camera is slightly closer here, with the subject moving away this time. in the the third channel (undercover), the camera is placed just behind the shoulder of the subject as they move rocks with a brush. they eventually cover most of the frame with their body.

as the subject rolls up the hill, the videos blur together distancing them from the standard of time. all three channels are intended to be viewed as loops, and meant to be seen as seamless in an effort to make the viewer unaware of where it starts and stops. 

two of the channels are displayed on small outdated black and white monitors within the frame of the third which is projected onto the wall in color. sound comes from the distance in the rear of the room. a new subject interacts within the space as a fourth or maybe fifth element that breaks the frame of all three previously filmed sections, however the new subject does many of the same actions.

the viewer will see a subject rolling up a concrete hill, an action typically done the other way around on grass. the overall mood is calming with simple slow actions and an overarching sense of dread. planes and cars swiftly pass by in the background and the subject is overwhelmed by their own absurd actions but tries nonetheless to make it through the landscape.