sent through the mail, collate is a periodical of somewhat organized groupings of my diary and daily musings. a collation, if you will, of my days from one release to the next. somewhat quarterly, and always accepting submissions. email or snail mail to be added to the mailing list or even just to chat.

scans below are previous issues if your address is a private domain, or maybe you prefer the dig. a deal for bad scans. contact me for digital files.

issue four, december 2021
included in this mailing: a poster courtesy PRESS PRESS (24”x36”), three cards with some text on them (3.5”x2”), and a 2022 calendar (11”x5.66”).

issue three point five, october 2021
included in this mailing: black (w)hole (5”x5”), this traced hand (6”x9”), irish UFO news no 2, a poem by alice notely (5.5”x8.5”).

issue three, june 2021
included in this mailing: a recreation of a poster from A Very Curious Girl.

issue two, may 2021 (via burn all books)
included in this mailing: the (then) current version of i am... (8.5”x36”),  a card with some text on it (3.5”x2”).

issue one, february 2021