a newsletter?

you must be reading this now. it was written for you, after all. what a year you have experienced. i hope you are taking care of your self and the selves of the ones around you. i am writing this to tell you of my desire to create a collaborated publication, of sorts. whatever that becomes is up to you, and me partly. i have created some interest over the years in wanting to hear about perspectives around me. what a place it is to exist in the same neighborhood in the same city and have completely different perspectives and lives. amazing. so, with the new emphasis of the daily warfare of 2020 i invite you to share your self with me, in order to share with others. i believe that it is important to understand lives outside of our own, to know what discrepancies exist and what of our own ignorances we can and should leave behind, and what privileges we can use in response.

whatever that means to you, and as long as it can be somehow printed on paper, send it to me. we can figure something out. if you just feel like sharing in an anonymous environment your feelings and your day, that is cool too we can just chat over the internet and have no need to put it in print. i look forward to your thoughts, and your selves, and hope that somehow you have found a space to escape to, or surround your self with, if that is what is needed. enjoy the day. stay safe. say hello to your neighbors. tell people you love them. talk soon. –d

*****now accepting submissions for classifieds, recipies, gardening tips, home repairs, fiction, nonfiction, astrology, fashion advice, drawings, photos, poems, haircuts, paper scraps, broken zippers, movies you have watched, books you have read, over/under topics, words you like, and really anything else you feel the need to send over.