1 + 1 = 1

2018, toner on paper

similar to the card game memory, this game is played by turning over cards in an attempt to match the hidden sides together. the player must turn over cards in pairs and if the back side matches, they keep the cards. if the hidden sides do not match they turn the cards back over and try again. the goal is to remember what is on the hidden sides of the cards that were unsuccessfully matched. the difference with one, plus one, equals one is that the player acts as a computer dating algorithm to match lives together. the cards act as online profiles, with their best features listed on the back to match up with and start relationships. most of the profiles match with nobody, and a few match with more than just one. included in the game box is a poster detailing one of the ‘lost’ souls that does not get to partner with anyone and the conclusion that one is whole all on their own, not with the addition of someone else.

designed and issued by the at least foor corporation.