single channel video played on the television from the video, reflected by a mirror

the setting of deflector is devoid of things, free from distractions, and not the average place one would watch television. the viewer is placed above the subject, to look down upon them all the while the viewer must be watching from a screen. the viewer is an unknowing hypocrite for watching.

the footage is not edited, but the performance was. the subject is aware of the camera upon them, as evident from the strange situation they are in and would likely not participate in without the watching of the camera. the video is presented in a loop, to suggest the endless struggle and multiple nothings this subject interacts with and is stuck in.

within viewing, a viewer will have to look at/through a mirror that reflects back a television (which in itself is a reflection back to the viewer) that displays the video. they will then watch the subject try to look through a mirror placed within a headset in order to see their own eye on the screen. the subject is forever attempting to look within their self but is only ever able to see a mirror upon a mirror.

since the subject within the video is presented in a loop, and forever trapped within a screen to repeat the same exact actions, the audience is encouraged to become a unique performer. they will have to struggle just as the subject did to be able to see the video from the mirror and in turn they will, too, place themselves in an uncomfortable situation.