2020 – present

presented here are photos taken of various bougainvillea plants with a cell phone on walks through southern californian suburbs. the bougainvillea plants are named after an admiral who circumnavigated the globe sometime in the 1700s. the plant was originally located on this journey in rio de janeiro. the real story is that the botanist on the boat had an assistant, jeanne baret, and she was the one who discovered the plants existence. she was not allowed on the ship as a woman, and dressed herself as a man to climb aboard, which coincidentally made her the first woman to circumnavigate the globe.

the existence of this vine turned shrub and hedge in the suburbs is that similar to the people who have found themselves to exist there. it is a transplant from another part of the world, forcing itself to thrive amongst land that it was never intended for. the plant exists under a name where a man took credit for a womans work, which is quite ample for its existence within the homes that do the same thing. the bracts of the bougainvillea bring lots of color to homes, but that color comes at a toll.

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