dylan was born, lives, and works on the occupied territories of the Kumeyaay Peoples.

dylan recognizes the genocide of Indigenous Peoples in areas now called california, within the greater US and the systemic inequalities that exist upon those areas because of this colonialism. dylan finds inspiration from this land, and from the land of the Kumeyaay on which dylan is allowed to reside.

dylan does not use pronouns.

currently reading: a backlog of poetry mag, a backlog of the smudge, ker-bloom! from art noose, sleepovers: stories by ashleigh bryant philips, full frontal feminism: a young woman’s guide to why feminism matters by jessica valenti (second read), the relation between things in a continuum by nicole lavelle, mail blog from cortney cassidy, men explain things to me by rebecca solnit, a room of one’s own by virginia woolf

just watched: the sound of silencehard candy, detachment, changeling, i love you phillip morris, portrait of a lady on fire, 50/50, border, still, premature, detroit, coherence, bug, virtuosity, the postman, the locusts, some girl, a very curious girl

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dylan once ate 40 sandwiches in 30 days.

world of text


jan 2019
BFA Creative Photography & Experimental Media, California State University, Fullerton
BFA Graphic & Interactive Design, California State University, Fullerton

jan 2016
AA Social and Behavioral Sciences, Grossmont College, El Cajon

selected exhibitions

oct 2019
San Diego Zine Fest, Bread and Salt, San Diego

aug 2019
Orange County Zine Fest, Anaheim Public Library, Anaheim

may 2019
Now More Than Ever, Grand Central Art Center, curated by Kelly Linder, Santa Ana

jan 2019
Exquisite Corpse, Constraint/Prothesis, and Public Gestures, Yorty Space + Beyond, USD, curated by Nathaniel Klein, San Diego
sep 2018
San Diego Zine Fest, Bread & Salt, San Diego
sep 2018
Long Beach Zine Fest, Expo Art Center, Long Beach

aug 2018
Orange County Zine Fest, Anaheim Public Library, Anaheim

jul 2018
Pomona Zine Fest, The Glass House, Pomona

apr 2018
Breaking the Binary: Exploring the Fluidity of the Concrete, CSUF Exit Gallery, group show curated by Dylan Flah, Cleopatra Jackson, Alex Enriquez, and Eva Zhang, Fullerton
feb 2017
CSULB Zine Fest, Max L. Gatov Gallery, Long Beach

oct 2017
San Diego Zine Fest, Centro Cultural de la Raza, San Diego

apr 2016
An Art Show, Teri Place Gallery, group show curated by Dylan Flah and Alex Guibert, Fullerton

print things

all titles self published by dylan with help of yesterday press, foorcollate, and the at least foor corporation.

dylan’s digital diary (from the year 2020)
collate periodical issues 1, 3
burn all books newsletter – may

[19] questions from me, to you [part too]
trick or treat! halloween
comma, period.
moon phase calendar

penny penny
who reaches for who?, risograph printed by burn all books
teal sketching, risograph printed by burn all books
postcards numbered aa – zz
large postcards numbered a – g
one of these stories is false
questions from me, to you
gallon of pizza
not much chance for survival, volume 01 issue 19 – 21
i don't live your life
postcards numbered a – z
this rectangle
why is it that the faces we see have to exist somewhere other than where they really are?   
try to resist
boo! halloween
weightlessness 2
not much chance for survival, volume 01 issue 07 – 18
not much chance for survival, volume 02 issue 01 – 08
a zine of haikus: just text on a page? something for you to decide
here is another installment of letters that forms words for your eyes
blue shapes, green shapes, risograph printed by burn all books
existing together
drawings of things that i drew
more drawings of more things that i also drew
these can be read out of sequence so why does this one have a three here
not much chance for survival, volume 01 issue 01 – 06