dylan posts letters (25)

o – have you been waiting for this one? oh who am i kidding nobody reads these. but i have written a few to her and none to you? whats up with that? i dont think about you as often as she. i guess shes meant more to me. i mean, dont get me wrong i still watched you walk through my alley in the first light and the morning dew. but you took my decision about my body as a personal one in a favoring towards something not you. not that i have to explain myself or my own discomforts but... youre still the most recent person ive kissed and while you obviously walked away from me for reasons of a lack of similar interest in the physical realm, maybe this last physical act i braved through means something to you? i was thinking about you and so i wrote this, i guess just to let you know my choices are in place for my own soul. now that you are gone, my choices still stand and they still have very little to do with you. if that means anything at all. ~delon