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butterflies: revisited

as i would have said a week ago, stare at a butterfly as they exist to cross your path and distract you from your thoughts, even if just for a second. it struck me today that while this is still the case, the butterfly should not come as a surprise, or as an afterthought. you should always be where the butterfly puts you (or i should – this is for me.) the butterfly shouldnt come as some high point in an otherwise regressive lifestyle. the butterfly shouldnt have to be the one who makes one realize their own actions or their own breath needing being taken. thats on the job of the soul. if the butterfly is the one who releases the soul, then something or some sort of deeper desire is needed to set the soul free. circumstances vary but one possibility is sinking so low that self awareness becomes cloudy or misused. if this revamped sould, unneeding of the crossing of a butterfly were to come across said butterfly, it would simply be an added plus, another reason among zero previous reasons to call the day a grand one.