dylan posts letters (19)

i watched a runner spit onto the ground. then i maintained eye contact with someone waiting at the bus stop. we were across the street from each other and matched each others level of sadness. when the bus took them away, i stared at the cold metal bench of the stop and didnt feel all that different from before. the person next to me keeps slamming down their phone and im not exactly sure why. they have yellow shoes on. the person on my other side keeps getting up to meticulously clean the seat and counter space they are currently occupying. two different songs are playing. they overflowed my cortado with foam... they are talking about staying in hostels and doing yoga in uncomfortable bedrooms in europe. i watched someone watch me and make a quick sketch and then i did the same and here it is. someone just said “i dont understand science!” which i suppose is better than pretending it isnt real. now i am stapling this note.