dylan posts letters (14)

does anyone wish to hear about my day? is there anyone i could bear hearing about? i thought about you today, even though you arent real and i wonder if you thought about me too. i wonder if i did anything anyone else could. do you read these notes as if they mean anything, as if they will change anything or do you walk on by. do you spit on me, or maybe scoff. im asking as if ill get a response, as if this will even reach you at all. as if i put this deep along a hiking trail that by chance someone sees it and the ink hasnt smeared down the page from the condensation of the night, and of the months of only being passed by leaves if you see me apart of the note do you think i am capable of such thought – not that its much advancement – but do i strike you as a person who wouldnt just be in a relationship for selfish reasons, or just for some form of touch? i guess on a most basic level, the only real question i need answered is how was your day?